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Fortis labor is a newly established IT company from Zagreb founded by IT enthusiasts.

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We follow global trends in the IT sector while constantly improving and honing our skills

Fortis labor is a newly stablished company from Zagreb formed by IT enthusiasts who have been honing their skills for years. All of our software is adapted to the needs of the market and the needs of our clients. All of our systems have been produced according to the thoughts and wishes of our clients – tailored specifically to their needs.

There is no such thing as a crazy idea, only a crazy guy who doesn’t try… Try for yourself!

We never took programming, design and other magical things which happen during development as our job, but rather as something we enjoy doing. And that is the key to our success. We have fun while still working hard.


Modus operandi: Fortis labor!

Modus operandi: fortis labor

Only efficiency. Only hard work. Only fortis labor!



Our mission is similar to the Roman traders of old – to form a connection between companies and their clients, a connection using our IT technology to their mutual benefit. We strive to offer affordable IT support without any hidden costs so that our clients can be more competitive and happy due to our services.

About the name

The name fortis labor comes from a Latin saying meaning hard work. It was also used as a saying amongst the Roman traders – a saying denoting that a good deal had been made. It was used for good luck wishing aswell. Considering the amount of work and dedication we put into our solutions, it seemed reasonable to call our new company exactly that – fortis labor.

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fortis labor is a latin phrase
meaning hard work(ing)
one of the greetings in the Roman Empire

about us

IT enthusiasts
We program, design and make things

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Hard work
Modus operandi: fortis labor

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