fortis labor is a small IT company from Zagreb that dedicates it's time to designing unique project solutions on the web. All of our projects are made in collaboration with our clients, according to their needs and tastes. Each of our projects is unique. Each client's wish is our challenge. Modus operandi: Fortis Labor!

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Last development stage and commercial use of the 'SOM' system.

Project financed by the EU from the European Regional Development Fund.

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About us Modus Operandi

Fortis labor is a newly established IT company from Zagreb founded by IT enthusiasts who have been honing their skills for years. We follow world trends in the IT sector while constantly improving ourselves and adapting to the needs of the market - and our clients.


Our Services From a needle to a locomotive

Fortis Labor offers a wide range of IT services. We distinguish ourselves from other companies that all of our services can be modified according to the needs of the client. You just need to request an offer and tell us what you need. Visit 'Our Services' page and find something for your company.


Our Offers One click for a new beginning

We never took programming, design and other magical things which happen during development as our job, but rather as something we enjoy doing. Result of such outlook are unique end products. See for yourselves - request an offer!


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All of our software is designed and programmed with great care, but the most important part is their simplicity of usage.


While tackling new projects, we hold constructive discussions and "brainstorming" sessions inside the company so that each project can reach it's maximum potential.


The most important thing for each client are the prices below the actual market ones while still guaranteeing a quality (and unique!) program.


All of our programs offer simple UI/UX for the end user and at the same time are promoting your brand to the widest possible audience.


We offer a wide range of IT services for companies and individuals. We offer you everything your computer can create. You only need to ask.


No matter the complexity of the program, all of our development phases are simple, understandable and transparent to the fullest.