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All of our services can be adapted to your desires. Just let us know what you need.

Web services Everything online

Web design, web sites, e-commerce, mobile optimization, business apps, web and mobile games, analysis and consulting, newsletters.

Hosting Different packages

Hosting packages for every pocket. Start package, Bronze package, Silver package, Gold package, Fortis labor package. Or create your own package - you can choose how much space, bandwidth and domains you need!

Internet marketing Be seen

PR for internet media, community management (all social networks), marketing plans, creation of banners/ads and advertising in general, Google AdWords, Facebook campaigns, creation of promotional videos....

Fortis Interactive The future

Design and development of games and interactiv, user-friendly apps, design and development of unique IT business solutions, development of accounting apps and tracking of your finances, development of apps for every mobile platform (Google play, iTunes, Windows...), warning systems, unique apps and software solutions.

GRAPHICS DESIGN More than a 1000 words.

We offer different unique graphics solutions. Branding, general business graphics, logo creation - those are only some of the things we do. We can also offer livery design for vehicles. We have also previously created flyers, brochures, posters, t-shirt prints and banners....

Doktor Fortis Makes the pain go away

Doctor fortis is specific because our technicians come to you and diagnose and remove all software and hardware problems that your computers may face. We also build computer configurations tailored to your needs. For more info about any of our services - feel free to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many reasons, we'll point out a few here. We are new and willing to prove ourselves. We bite on every project! We work hard (fortis labor). If you need a project done REALLY quick - consider that we've finished some projects in deadlines as short as 24 hours!. Our prices are lower than the competition since we have our own servers at one of the largest European dedicated server providers (OVH). We individually approach each customer. We have 24-hour support. We love what we do.... These are some of the main things which make us different. If that is not enough for you - contact us for more!

Exactly for the above mentioned reasons. No job or project is hard for us - we do everything with a smile.

OK, that's not a question, but a comment. As we've mentioned before, making web-sites is only one of the things we tackle here at fortis labor. We create modern, accessible and reliable websites quickly. We also offer many more services - contact us and see for yourself!

We design
We plan
We think loudly
We work hard
We see results
We reap the fruits of our labor


All of our software is designed and programmed with great care, but the most important part is their simplicity of usage.


While tackling new and exciting projects, we hold constructive discussions and brainstorming sessions in-house to make each project the best it can be.


The most important thing for each client are the prices below the actual market ones while still guaranteeing a quality (and unique!) program.


All of our programs offer simple UI/UX for the end user and at the same time are promoting your brand to the widest possible audience.


We offer a wide range of IT services for companies and individuals. We offer you everything your computer can create. You only need to ask.


No matter the complexity of the program, all of our development phases are simple, understandable and transparent to the fullest.